Happy Birthday, America!!

On the 232nd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence,
I'd like to wish all Americans a very happy Independence Day,
Happy Birthday, America!


It is a beautiful flag that symbolizes our great country...
long may she wave. Let us not forget to salute her
and remember the sacrifices that were made to ensure
our great country its freedom and independence...



I can't help it, I always get choked up when I think about what a great country we live in.. Yes, in spite of the problems that we do have, we have a wonderful country. I feel so very fortunate to live here, to be able to live free. I think of those that, 228 years ago, took the bold steps to announce their freedom - and were willing to make the sacrifices necessary to ensure that we - their future generations and others to follow - would live in a democracy of their building. Although on my father's side of the family I'm a relative newcomer to this country (Norwegian and Irish immigrants), on my mother's side I can proudly claim to be a DAR (Daughter of the American Revolution) - a long-time American from as far back as 1642! I want to give thanks to all that fought for our - for my - independence, and those that continue the fight for freedom.

I'll be heading outside soon to attend our annual fourth of July celebration, which will be complete with BBQ-ed dinner, and - of course - fireworks. As I light some of those fireworks, I know that I'll be saying my silent mantra of "thank you" to those forward-thinking patriots and all who followed in their footsteps. I'll try to not embarrass my family by getting too choked up. But then again, I'll petend to not notice that many of the other adults will be doing the exact same thing!!


Sandra & family
4 July, 2006

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