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Yes indeedy, in these photos, Kyle has just celebrated his 16th birthday!!! And that involves a lot of candles - it took the BBQ lighter to get them all lit! OMG, could it be? Is it really what he's been bugging for and begging for?? And with his great grandparents staring at this noisy object - probably with *great* relief that they won't have to listen to it - they're happy for him!

Kyle was (ahem) helping me do some gardening! Actually, Tilly and Jasmine were helping, too, but the two furry girls were SO helpful I had to put them in the ex-pen to stay out of my way! Kyle was not really all that much help in getting work done, but he was a lot more fun than the weeds were.... Poor Jasmine (in Kyle's lap) was tuckered out from playing with Tilly, and could barely keep her eyes open in the bright sunlight!

Okay, so they are really old photos, but isn't he cute?!?

Kyle got a computer for his 15th birthday, he enjoys spending a lot of time on it; playing RPG's, making sound files, making CD's of his and other music, and just plain having fun.

Up to Alaska with Dad for an adventure! He's quite the fisherman, as is evidenced here - WOW!!

I know people often call redheads "carrot tops", but as you can plainly see carrot tops are green!!

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