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June 18, 1977 Wow, that was a LONG time ago! And, yes, I was a child bride!

It's an older photo, from a more carefree time, when the children were younger and we were stress-free... Oh, wait! I didn't say that! This picture is a silly one of Mike and I up at the cabin; it was a fun office party, back when there were only 30 or so people working for him, we could fit everyone up there!

This was my first, and only, pheasant. I shot him over Spooky - I was always fond of saying that she wasn't just another pretty show dog - she was a good hunter, too! (Tigger is the yellow, Spooky is the black) Wow, that was a long time ago, too! Seems that Mike & I did a lot of things just as a couple before we had three children, then things changed! ... Wonder why that was??

I well remember the absolute thrill of the first time I took controls of an airplane! Granted it was a mere Cesna 172, but it was incredible! Mike was never as excited about flying as was I (he didn't fly when he was younger); he sat in the back seat that time - turning green, poor guy! It could have been all too easy to pretend that I was streaking across the wild blue yonder in an F-14 or F-1, something really fun!!

This (on the left) is Mike doing just-about-his-favorite-thing: standing in a river fly fishing!! I can't remember if this is Alaska, Idaho, or our property on the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. On the right is Mike flying ties, or is that tying flies? Neat table, perfect for the job. Notice the little helpers behind him? They're hoping he'll drop one of those feather thingies - surely they're toys?


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