Oak Grove Garden Club - Officers & Committees    

2005 - 2006 Officers

Liz Martwick

1st Vice President
Doris Malone

2nd Vice President
Bobette Senn

Recording Secretary
Willie Herauf

Corresponding Secretary
Joan Swails

Jean Dietrich

Board of Directors
Shirley Slack
Elinor Kuhns
Linda Williams

(Along with members listed, the current president is member-at-large of all standing committees.)

Audit - Barbara McCarthy - Linda Williams

Birds and Wildflowers - Shirley Slack

Budget - Doris Malone & Jackie Heim

By-Laws - Judy Schneider - Elinor Kuhns

Civic Improvement - Gail Walker - Elinor Kuhns - Nancy Hersey

Courtesy - Betty Lou Vannice

Custodian - Sue Mellen - Florence Smith

Environmental Concerns - Barbara Day - Laura Lewis

Flowers - Irma Knapp - Linda Falkenstein

Historian - Judy Schneider - Elinor Kuhns

Horticulture - Jackie Heim

Hospitality - Louise Umbarger - Gerri Cardinell

Hostess - Virginia Howard

Librarian - Dee Blackledge

Membership - JoAnne Risley

Park Advisory - Chairman Pam Collord - Dee Blackledge - Virginia Howard - Irma Knapp - Sue Mellen - JoAnne Risley - Carol Rose - Florence Smith - Linda Williams - Shirley Slack - Elinor Kuhns - Meredith Holmes
        Workforce - All club members

Parliamentarian - Elinor Kuhns

Program - Chairman Linda Williams - Jean Dietrich - Lynne Reinecker - Jean Storm - Gail Walker

Publicity - Sandy Greer - Diana Nelson

Telephone - Chairman Carol Rose - Betty Abbott p. 36 - Miriam Danner p. 42 - Nancy Haack p. 38 - Susan Idler p. 39 - Sue Mellen p. 40 - Elane Puderbaugh p. 41 - Florence Smith p. 43 - Louise Umbarger p. 37

Ways and Means - Greens Sale
Co-Chairs- Barbara McCarthy & Jean Dietrich

Ways and Means - Plant Sale
Co-Chairs- TBA

Ways and Means - Planning Committee Barbara McCarthy - Jean Dietrich - Sandy Greer - Carol Rose - Joanne Risley - Irma Knapp
        Workforce - All club members

Yearbook & Webmistress
Sandra Reiley

General Information: Direct all dues, bills, and correspondence to:
Oak Grove Garden Club
P. O. Box 67105
Oak Grove, OR 97268-1105

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