2015 Annual Spring Plant Sale

We hope you joined us for our annual Spring Plant Sale!

It was held this year on Saturday May 9th at the Risley Landing Gardens.

Each year we offer 2,000 containers with choices such as: Trees, Bushes, Ground-covers, Bleeding Hearts, Hostas, Ferns, Iris, Roses, Daylilies, Ornamental Grasses, native plants and sedums, berries, Herbs, and much, much more. Preparation for the annual spring greens sale takes several weeks, and many helping hands. After diligently marking each plant with the correct name, the club members cart the pots to the appropriate area, and start laying out rows upon rows of the plants. This is only a representation of what will be available for each year's sale!

Directions: Look for green sign on River Road that says "Risley Landing Gardens". Turn on Oak Shore Lane and proceed one block to the gates of park. See the map for directions, or click on it for a larger map. (61k)

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