Brittany's experience at a Cavaliers of The West Specialty show in Children's Handling!

        THE SHOW!        

As I walked into the irregular looking line of other people trying to win a blue or red ribbon, I was nervous. Really nervous. Two people behind me, one person in front. I've never shown this breed before, I've only shown Labrador Retrievers.

The judge ushered us into the ring with her petit hand. Smiling while we entered, she greeted us very friendly-like. "Good morning," she said gracefully, "first of all I'd like to welcome all of you for coming." "Thank you." we all replied. "First handler, please put your Cavalier on the judging table." She did as she was told. Now was the time for us, the other three, to observe what the judge will have us do and how the first handler is showing her Cavalier. She was showing and handling her Cavalier extremely well. She was from Kansas. She was here to compete, and win.

While she was moving around the ring I was setting my Cavalier up on the table. Stacking her up. Cavaliers are very pristine, they were bred to please their masters; be there if they're sad, or just plain be a lap-warmer. It was my turn now. Tilly was stacked beautifully; perfect. It was going very well on the table then all of a sudden she sat down while the judge was checking her teeth. "Tilly! No! Stand pretty! Stand pretty!" I said. She did as she was told. It was now time for the ‘strutting your stuff' part.

"Please go to the end and back." said the judge. We walked quickly to the other side of the ring and back. "Please do a triangle to the right corner, then the left, corner then back here." said the judge. We went to the left corner, and cut towards the right corner. When we got to the right, corner we turned right to do a circle to head back. Coming back is very important; not to mess up with stacking on the ground in front of the judge. "Thank you, finish by going in a circle to the end of the line please." she said. We did.

We finished our turn, now we can relax and watch the last two to go. After they were done we were back in order. They judge told us to go around the ring twice and finish at the corner. This was the time when the judge makes her decision. Who will be going home with the blue and the trophy? Who will go home with the red? Who will go home with the white? Who will go home with the yellow?

"1st." she said while pointing to the girl in front of me. "2nd." she was pointing at me! I was so thrilled! "3rd." she said to the last person that was in the line. "4th." to last person there. After the show we all congratulated the 1stplace winner. She said thank you and every thing. And then we all went off to get out of the quietness and go play ‘hide and seek'.

Senior Children's handling is fun but sometimes it can be stressful!

By Brittany Lince ©2000

Brittany with "Tilly"

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