Veteran's Day Thoughts

As the light slipped away and the darkness enveloped my yard, I watched a jet glinting faintly in the night sky.   Such freedom, I thought, as my mind moved from the airplane to the last of the birds in the sky - darting from one tree to another as they no doubt looked for their night's lodging.

Freedom.   It's a concept that I believe my children take for granted.   The loss of freedom merely means that they don't play with their friends, or they are allowed no TV, computer, or Nintendo.   Such simplistic lives these young Americans lead!   Do they truly know what freedom means?   Do they really comprehend what freedom is?   And - I have to ask myself as I urge the dogs to do their 'duty' in the potty yard - do they understand how many men and woman gave years of their lives and - let us not forget - indeed life itself to fight for and preserve our freedom?

I find myself calling to the dogs in a strained voice, and I'm surprised to feel my eyes moist with tears.   Emotions are strong within me, such is the plight of the passions ensconced in a redhead.   But I am not crying for any one soldier who left a hopeful defender of freedom, democracy, and the American way of life.   I think of them all.   My own grandfather, a naval officer. My father and younger brother served in the navy.   My big brother - served in the Air Force at the tail end of the 'Nam era'.   I remember how afraid I was that I'd never see him again.   It's only now - as a mother - that I can begin to fathom the fears my Mother must have harbored, deeply within her, for her own son.

They are now safe and warm in their homes; but I can only imagine the thoughts and images they recall when this day comes to honor veterans fallen, wounded, or surviving wholly.

Thank you - from my heart - to all the Veterans, living and not, that fought the noble battles to make and to keep the peace and freedoms that I enjoy.   Those freedoms that I hope my children come to truly understand and cherish as I do.

Warmest thoughts to all on this Veteran's Day 2012.


If you love your freedom: thank a vet!

(Sandra L. Reiley 1997)

Yes, I wrote this several years ago, but my sentiments remain the same... I love this country, and I truly appreciate what each and every veteran has done for America. In the hostile climates we find around the world - and even on our own shores - we must be ever grateful for the noble fights our veterans (and active duty personnel) have done and continue to do. Thank you, vets! And thanks also to my son Kyle for his service to our country!

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