Cavalier Head Walking Stick!    

After a crash in Hawai'i and subsequent knee surgery, my knee is still not (and won't be) 100% again, and sometimes I have trouble and/or pain while walking. Recently my hubby carefully asked if maybe, possibly, perhaps I should consider a cane, oops, a "walking stick" to help. Of course I quickly protested that I was far too young to consider that! Well, he ignored my reaction ("Methinks she doth protest too much") and last night presented to me a walking stick he'd had made, wow! He supplied photos as a guide, and Gary (the carver) did a wonderful job capturing a Cavalier's head. I suppose that means that NOW I need to figure out just how to walk with a walking stick (it must be easier than using crutches, the other option if I have to have another surgery, eek), and maybe, just maybe, I'll come to <hurrumph!> rely on it. So, take a peek, it's really beautiful, hopefully you can see the beauty of the wood, and how Gary worked with it to create the work of art!




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