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Please allow me to introduce my family!

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Meet all of my children!!

From left to right: Elias, Brittany, Colin, Steph, Kyle, and Mirana!
I wasn't quite done with my Owl-o-lantern!

Stage left is Colin (now 34), in the center is Brittany (now 30), and stage right is Kyle (now 32). This was taken at a friend's wedding in July 2004

Here is a 2008 photo. (left to right) Steph, Colin, Brittany (holding Koni, of course), Mirana, and Kyle


Children and puppies, what a great combination! Photo on left- stage left is Kyle, in the center is Brittany, and stage right is Colin. Photo on right- stage left is Brittany, in the center is Kyle, and stage right is Colin. (It was quite entertaining at the photography studio with this bunch!)

On the left is Brittany on the swing at our family mountain cabin. In the center is Colin holding Tilly in his lap. On the right is Kyle during his birthday party.       - Dec. 2000 -

I love this photo - taken at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI), or "ISMO" as we often call it - hey, on the way IN the sign says OMSI, on the way OUT it says ISMO! It's a really neat place, and we were having an awful lot of fun.

One of my favorite photos of the children and the dogs, taken before Christmas of '99. In the back are Kyle, Brittany holding baby Tilly, and Colin. The Labs are Kippy, Jessica, and Tuxedo (may the dogs all RIP).

The boys and I were interviewed (a few years ago!) by The Oregonian, right before the Clackamas County Fair.... The caption beneath the photo (above left) reads: Sneaker, a 2 year old Labrador Retriever, seems to laugh at the idea of obedience competition at the fair. But her master, Colin (right), and his brother and fellow dog handler Kyle (left), with Kippy, are serious contenders.     The article* turned out pretty nicely (even with a few errors!). Please click on the link to read a larger version than this one, it's not too fuzzy - despite having been shrunk to a small enough file-size to not take hours to load!

The photo with the boys shows part of our front yard, but these pictures are the view from our bedroom or the back decks - facing east, on the other side of the house. It's the majestic Mt. Hood - morning and daytime views (wide angle and zoom). Awfully pretty, isn't it?!?
I no longer have this view, I "downsized" to a home one mile away!

My Mom & Dad with their pride and joy: a 1915 Kissel Kar! (do make note of the wonderful air-conditioning!)

< < My dad and I at dinner (December 07)

I don't have any other photos of my dad on a horse (may he RIP) - but here's Sally with a couple of their Tennessee Walking Horses!

Sally riding "JFK's Top Aide"

Sally in the carting class (I don't know the horse's name!)

I'm a lucky girl, I had two dads.....

The photo on the left is of my children's great-grandparents and all of the great grandchildren. Mine are the three hooligans on Grandad's side, then there's Shaun (Laurel's son), Matthew and Kiernan (Pat's sons), and next to Grandma is Jamie (Laurel's daughter). On the right is a photo of the kids' grandpa Marv with three of them. (Any hints as to the hair color, it's not MY color of red!)

The photo on the left is of my grandparents, my mother's parents, when they were 92 years young, on an outing to Bonneville Dam. Grandpa retired from Bonneville Power Admin. after 33+ years, wow! Grandma was an excellent seamstress - she made my entire bridal trousseau! Please go to Grandma Audrey's page to learn about her wonderful life. And one of these days I will make a webpage for Grandpa using the materials and photos from his book! On the right is a photo taken in the late 70's of my grandparents with their great grandchildren - plus two spouses!

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