Dive on in, meet my Fish!    

This is Porky Piglet, a red Oscar. He is about 6 years old, and approximately 8-9" long. He's a very intelligent and inquisitive fish, and can often be found re-arranging his home - moving plants or small rocks around. He's also friendly: he'll take food from our fingers! Although right now he won't take food from Mike, just from me. Ahhh, to be so loved!
(these are not current photos)

These are "Tuxedo" guppies on the left, and, yes I love the name! This one guy (on the right) is a yellow "Cobra" guppy, although his coloring isn't very obvious. These aren't my best photos!


I would really like to have Killi fish again; Mike & I had several different types "BC" (as in Before Children!), and loved them. While we won't be as involved (as in breeding and raising) as we were then, I would love to have an aquarium full of Aphyosemium of one variety or another! Soon.... Hmmm, maybe once I'm "caught up" with everything else I can add to this page some photos of the fish we had way back then.

Caught up - {snort} - uh huh!

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