Meet the Dark Star Labradors!        

It's a big world out there, it helps to have a friend!

All of our Labradors have passed on to the "happy hunting grounds", and we miss each and every one of them, and are greatful for the wonderful memories they have given to us. But, with them still in our hearts, we can offer some insight into the wonderful world of living with Labradors!

Labradors are wonderful family dogs . . .




They put up with, and enjoy, just about everything - if it involves their family! They make great snugglers, they are really awesome bird dogs, dress-up can be fun, they're awfully comfy chairs, enjoy the peacefulness of picking flowers in the yard, love to give kisses, love to romp (or not) whether it's a snowy day or sunny, and they make great subjects for photos and articles in the newspaper.

(L)Kippy, Jessica, & Tilly watching all the fun happening outside the cabin - how dare the children leave them inside!!!

(R) But, then again, sometimes 'inside' is good! It's awfully cozy when the puppies are all inside their daytime outside cabin!

We had fun in the snow this particular winter, especially with two puppies! Kippy was a bit older than Sneaker, but they were both young enough to enjoy the snowdrifts with completely mental-midget minds!

That's Tigger, myself, and Spooky, and my first Pheasant! I have always been fond of saying that my champion girl wasn't "Just another pretty face", she could hunt, too! This photo was taken in eastern Oregon, in the autumn of 1982.

The photo of Jess (left) and Kip (right) was taken in "June-uary" on the Donnor Trail Pass in California. The snow was deep, and man-oh-man was it cold! The girls loved that snow! (This was the dog show trip where I learned that those two black dogs look awfully similar, and that they really prefer to be addressed by their own name... Ask me about it sometime, hehe!)

Labradors really love their food, and need to be watched, lest they eat someone else's dinner. And some of them are a bit... well, "piggish" shall we say? Jessica is shown here after going on dinner bowl patrol; it helps to get the last speck of food if one firmly HOLDS the bowl...

Tigger was my first purebred & registered dog, and the first dog that I competed with. Never mind that I always 'trained' every neighborhood dog I could while I was growing up, I learned a lot with Tigger! I did conformation (championship points) and obedience (the "CD", Companion Dog degree) with her, as well as earning a "WC" (The Labrador Club's working certificate), and Mike hunted with her. She loved the neighborhood children, and seemed rather pleased when we finally gave her one of her own when Colin was born. She took up residence in the nursery, we were no longer the light of her life! She was almost 13 when we lost her. We never have them long enough, I guess.


Spooky (Ch. BlackThorn of Dark Star, CD, WC) was my first champion - I was pregnant with Colin (number one son!) when I was campaigning her for points, and really waddling when I was trying for her CD; boy what timing! She showed really well, winning BOB over specials a couple of times, but during the obedience work she really made me work, too! The photo on the left is when she'd won Best In Sweepstakes at the RCLRC specialty, cute baby, huh?!? Spooky also left us way too soon, she was a mere babe at 12+ when we lost her.


(left photo) Tuxedo and I went to a Golden Gate LRC specialty match, and he won Best of Breed - Puppy, that was fun. On that trip he spent one night with a generous friend, Steve, at the fire station while Steve worked! (right photo) Before life got SO busy with three very young children I did show Tuxedo, he's shown here winning 2 points under judge Wally Newbill (RIP Wally & Birdie). In fact, that's baby Brittany in the stroller in the background!
We lost Tuxedo the spring of 2000 at 14+ years of age, we sure do miss him.


Jessica (Ch. Dark Star's Uptown Girl, CGC, TDI) was always a pleasure to show, she was a bit of a ham! On the left she's shown winning her first 5 point major at LRC Southern California - Winners Bitch, Best Bred by Exhibitor, and a Judge's Award of Merit (JAM), what a great day! (despite her handler!) She finished with several BOB's over specials. On the right she's shown winning "Best Veteran in Sweepstakes" at the Rose City LRC specialty; she repeated the win there in 2000! Sure do love those ol' ladies and gents!!
It seems like just yesterday, but we lost Jessica in February of 2005; she was 14+ years old, but it's always too soon. Her daughter Kippy is our only Labrador now!

This photo was taken about 1989, left - right showing
Spooky (Ch. BlackThorn of Dark Star, CD, WC),
Tuxedo (Dark Star's Black Tie Affair, Spook's son),
Kahana (Blackthorn Misty Dawn, TDI; Jessica's mother),
Tigger (Antigone E'lan, CD, WC; she was my first Lab!).
May all four RIP.

Kippy - Dark Star's Maiden America, CGC - is Kyle's dog, and the two would be inseparable if not for that pesky detail of SCHOOL! Now that Kyle is in his own apartment and going to college, Kippy goes to visit once in awhile - but not nearly enough to suit her. Kyle trained Kippy; having earned not only the CGC, but winning "Champion Junior Showman" one year in 4-H at County Fair!

Stop the presses, grab the kids, wake the neighbors, alert the media: Dark Star Labradors breeds field dogs! We have always known that our dogs are smart, versatile, trainable, and that they are very 'birdy' and like to hunt; but there's actual proof! Congratulations to Woody on earning his Senior Hunter title!!! Woody, Dark Star's Woodstock, JH, SH, is one of Jessica's sons, and is owned by Jane & Jim Hewitt of Washington state.

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