Welcome to Jasmine's page!

Welcome to Jasmine's page!


CH. Sheeba Let's Dance

Jasmine is a very sweet and dignified lady; always happy, always friendly and greeting people as if they were her new best friend, almost always wagging, and awfully snugly. She's equally game for taking a walk in the woods at our mountain cabin or around our hilly neighborhood, or watching the financial news, or she's happy to be warming the bed before bedtime. (Oh, and she thought that Julia the Rat was really "Dog TV"!)


What a beautiful baby she was!
(Okay, so it's not a great job 'cropping' the person out, but I wanted to see only the puppy!)


Jasmine has had her Patellae cleared (OFA - #KCS-PA229/42/F/P-PI), her hips cleared (OFA "GOOD" - #KCS-1662G42F-PI), her eyes ACVO/CERF cleared again at 5 years, and her heart Cardiologist cleared again at *6* years of age.

Please look at her pedigree (below).

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