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                Please meet JoJo!!                



With gratitude to the judges who awarded him each and every win along the way (Winners Dog, Bests of Winners, and Bests of Breed), we are thrilled to announce that JoJo is . . .

AKC Champion DarkStar Po'okela!

At the Lizard Butte Kennel Club show in Boise, Idaho, Judge Alan L. Harper gave JoJo the nod for Winners Dog to finish with his third major.   We did this completely breeder/owner handled from the Bred By Exhibitor class!

(and this is in spite of those once-beautiful long ears having been shortened by the puppy, apparently she thinks ears are dental floss!)

R.I.P. Alan Harper


Okay, so really... what's in a name?

"Po'okela" (poh - oh - keh - lah) is a Hawaiian word meaning 'superior', 'striving for the best', 'commitment to excellence', 'champion', or 'pinnacle of excellence'

For some reason the family thought "Cujo" was a good name for my darling baby puppy - however I sure didn't care for that! After objecting to that choice, I started calling the puppy "JoJo"; which quickly morphed into some variation thereof, including "Joe", "Joseph" (you know, like when your mother used your full name, whoops!), "Joseph the Amazing Technicolor Dog", and even "Potato Boy" (those seasoned potato wedges are called jojos)!

"Call me anything you want, just don't call me late for dinner!"

Champion DarkStar Po'okela

(sired by Ch. Leelyn Sun Juan and out of our Ch. Covington Scintillating Star)

(click for pedigree!)
We care about the health of our dogs and puppies. JoJo was recently re-checked by the dog Opthalmologist and Cardiologist, and certified clear of eye or heart problems, yay!
JoJo is 7 3/4 years old, so we especially appreciate the good news!
Eyes CERF certified

Hips OFA certified
Patellae OFA certified
Heart OFA certified


Mum's ears were always good for a game of tug-o-war!

Playing is such tiring work...

JoJo and his friend Daisy the Pug girl were interviewed (okay, so my Pug breeder friend Deb and I were interviewed, but the puppies helped) for an article printed in the January 17th 2006 issue of The Oregonian. It was for Deborah Wood's wonderful Pet Talk Column, which had some great information on attending a Dog Show and talking to Breeders!! Sadly, because of space limitations, the editor cut out a paragraph and the photo, so neither of the puppies got to be in the paper. Dang, and the photos were sooo cute!

What a cute baby...!

Hmmm, methinks he looks too innocent...

That's one really cool cigar - okay, actually, it was a giant ice cube he carried around until it melted. That hanging pink thing is actually a very frozen tongue!   We've told him to stop smoking those thangs...

People have asked us if he's a miniature Golden Retriever! Not really that much of a stretch (save for his size), as he loves to retrieve, and always seems to have something in his mouth. This softball is his favorite toy - doesn't he look dignified and royal?!?

Fun is the name of the game,
and JoJo enjoys a good romp or run!


The Golden Gate Kennel Club's benched show at the Cow Palace is a lot of fun! The shopping opportunities were awesome, and it's always fun to meet up with friends from the area.   JoJo didn't stay in his crate all that much, he was too busy greeting people on the table next to our bench - all that visiting took its toll, he was a very tired boy!

At the January 2007 show JoJo was Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best Bred By Exhibitor for his first points - a major!   Many thanks to Judge Dorothy Macdonald

That's JoJo and Koni depicted on the shirt, painted by Diane Wat, an artist I've long admired for her fun and whimsical designs. I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing this and the other shirt Diane painted for me!

JoJo is the King of the castle,
the master of all he surveys.
(at least he thinks so)

JoJo models the St. Patrick's Day finery he wore during our walk on a sunny St. Pat's day in San Diego.    (eye doctors tell us to protect our eyes!)


At the family farm in Washington JoJo met some really, REALLY big dogs, that smelled kinda funny... He was brave enough to get within a few feet of them, after a while of careful observation!

The boy has grown up rather nicely, we think!
(he looks as though he's lost some of his height,
but the grass was very high!)

JoJo and his brother Jake enjoyed playing,
but after all that fun, a nap was in order!

He was a fun boy to show;
he really enjoyed showing off in the ring!

JoJo is a good sport, and loves to give Howl-o-ween greetings to everyone

JoJo loves puppies!

...And he loves Grand-puppies!


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