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Please meet the Dark Star Cavaliers!

We've been waiting for you to drop by for a visit!

Hello and welcome!

The entire herd looking for some attention!
From stage left: Peyto, baby Muffin, Liliko'i, Tudi, baby Tally, Hana hou, Kela, and (on the bottom) Birdie.   This is late afternoon July 4th at "family horse camp" at Silver Falls State Park. The family has been doing the yearly camp over the fourth of July weekend for about 15 years, but this is my 3rd year joining in the fun.


We are planning on an October litter of puppies - more information to come!

This is Kela with her January 28th litter; the upcoming litter is a repeat breeding.


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - or, simply, the "Cavalier" - is a royal breed - beautiful and elegant. They are happy, playful, loving, intelligent, gentle, and very adaptable, so will eagerly share your passions and hobbies. They are super-snugglers - making them ideal for warmth on cold winter nights, walking through the neighborhood, attending the family sports and activities, eliciting pleasant memories while doing visiting pet therapy work, or for just sharing love. For over four centuries they've been bred for their outstanding companionship, and are often referred to as "Comfort Spaniels" because of their wonderful ability to comfort, sooth, and love their families. I've found that they have quite the knack for not only offering, but for finding comfort - no matter if it's on a lap or toy, or even on a plastic chair at the amusement park while the teenagers drive noisy go-karts nearby. At my house they're often referred to as "Comfortable Spaniels"!

They are truly COMFORTABLE Spaniels. Yes, they DO indeed get on the furniture, and they expect it to be of high quality, and, well, very comfortable!

Puppies are very good travelers: when I travel, everyone goes with me, and they always have fun in their new yard!

Sometimes the dog show grounds get a bit cold...

An apple a day... keeps the boredom away?!? The end of summer brings some bonus apples to be found when going out in the yard!

It should be noted that they maintain their dignity at all times, and keep company only with the finest of companions.


They enjoy dressing up, too... For Halloween, that is!


Cavaliers are happy, playful, loving, intelligent, gentle, and very adaptable, so will eagerly share your passions and hobbies. They are more than willing to offer assistance in eating blackberry pie, and are marvels at urging people to hurry up with opening christmas stockings (especially if those stockings contain puppy toys!).

Cavaliers are very sweet, never bitchy or witchy, so they get along very well with other family pets. However, they still consider themselves to be 'sporting' dogs, and will guard the deck and yard while on "squirrel patrol".


Cavaliers are cultured and sophisticated dogs: they enjoy a gourmet meal, and will cheerfully offer to supervise meal preparations. In years past they've been an inspiration for many artists, and they continue to prefer aligning themselves with fine art - enjoying the richness of a well-done masterpiece.

And speaking of food: they do have rather long and furry ears, so it's important to protect that lovely feathering by having them wear a snood while they dine. Of course, if the snood is a bit too big, it can instead be used as a feedbag!

They are very graceful dogs (well, when they're not being silly!), so it's fun to watch them move in the yard, or through the family room, or around the show ring with such style.


Some of them have a bit of spring in their step!

Don't good things come in threes,
and isn't the third (time) a charm?
This trio of Tricolors would agree!

Of course they also have their Friday night with the boys sides: the little card-sharks! It would appear that the Blenheim boy has a much better hand than does the Tri-color boy!
And they do magic tricks.
This one is called "disappearing dogs"*
How many puppies do you count?!?
*also known as the game "hide your sister"

They certainly are wonderful mothers, and don't mind sharing their babies - and mommy duties - with other furry family members. They don't even mind if the dad joins in to check out his kids! It's an interesting relationship of trust and cooperation, not found with every breed.

We'll jump right in to say that a Cavalier puppy approaches life with great enthusiasm,
and they would easily win the "world's cutest" category in any contest!

While it should be noted that puppies or very small Cavaliers, and very young or rambunctious children are not a good combination, the answer to your question is yes, Cavaliers are wonderful with children and adults alike!   Waiting until children are older is often advisable for the safety of the family and especially for a small puppy.

Although this page has Cavaliers of all four colors, I now breed ONLY wholecolors: the Black & Tan and Ruby Cavaliers!

Who and What is Dark Star?
Please click on this link to read a little about who I am!

Choosing the family pet should be a meaningful process,
    please click here to read this brief but important bit of information!

Due to email harvesting and subsequent spam, I no longer have an email hyperlink; please copy & type the email address if you'd like to contact me!

A friend and I - and the puppies (JoJo, the Ruby boy, and his friend Daisy, the Pug girl) - were interviewed for an article in Deborah Wood's Pet Talk Column, in The Oregonian, Living Section, and it quoted us offering information on attending a Dog Show, talking to Breeders, and searching for a dog for the family!

Sadly, because of space limitations, the editor cut out a paragraph and the photo, so the photo of the cute puppies was not in the paper. Darn, and the photos were sooo cute! Update: the article is no longer available online, so click on the thumbnail for a jpg of the article.

I was fond of saying that my beautiful Labradors who were Champion and hunting dawgs: "weren't just another pretty face", and the same holds true for the Cavaliers. There is a lot of personality packed into these compact, lap-sized Cavalier bodies. They can do more than just be beautiful: they can snuggle, they can show, they can play, and they do it ALL really it well!

We do care about their health as well, and do what we can to ensure healthy dogs and puppies. Health checks on our dogs tell us that the board-certified Veterinary Cardiologist finds them to be "heart-clear" and OFA certified, their eyes are "clear" when examined by a board certified Opthalmologist(ACVO) and certified by CERF and/or OFA, and their patellae and hips are examined and/or radiographed, and then certified by OFA as clear of luxation or dysplasia.

Eyes CERF certified

Hips OFA certified
Patellae OFA certified
Heart OFA certified
AKC "CHIC"certified

From the Golden Retriever Club of America:

I love this! Simple, but elegant, in its presentation, and with that oh-so-important message...

JoJo, Birdie and a couple of puppies check out the strange white cold stuff!

Dashing through the snow...

In a one ... ummm... Cavalier open sleigh?

Of course, most of the above was written by "Tongue-In-Cheek Productions"!

Well, you've probably figured out that this is a high-flying group of cheerful cherubs - and as we're fond of saying: they'll drive you happy! Thanks for visiting with my Cavaliers, but please don't leave just yet: there's still more to see and read. Scroll down for even more information, wonderful links, and .. and ... well, just be sure to look at the entire page!

Stella is still MISSING...

She has been missing since mid-July 2013, when she slipped out of her house without her collar (and tags), and she has not been seen since. She weighs about 15 pounds, is spayed, has a micro-chip, and is very friendly, but is hard of hearing. The family lives off of the 500 block of Toliver Road in Molalla, Oregon. We all miss her, and continue to be hopeful that she can be returned to Andrew. KOIN (Portland TV channel 6) did a report on Stella and Andrew, and we had hoped that this exposure would raise awareness of the missing girl, and get her home. (Hyperlink to the right)

If you have any information, please contact me at:
DarkStarCavaliers -at- comcast -dot- net

KOIN's website

We cannot forget to mention our human puppies, errr... our children!
It's an old photo, but a favorite! That's Kyle on the left, Brittany in the middle, and Colin on the right.
(Click on the photo to go to my family page!)

This is JoJo, Champion DarkStar Po'okela.
(click on JoJo's name to go to his page)

This is Birdie, Champion/Grand Champion DarkStar Pua Manu.
(click on Birdie's name to go to her page)

This is Peyto, DarkStar International Incident.
(click on Peyto's name to go to his page)

This is Tilly, Ch. Covington Scintillating Star.
(click on Tilly's name to go to her page)

Click below to see a
* Cavalier Coat Color Inheritance Chart *

JoJo's page
Birdie's page
Peyto's page
Stella's page

Tilly's page.
Phoebe's page.

See Dog Hip X-rays
Dog Dental Health
Meet my Labradors
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Go to a full-sized printable poster.

Go to a full-sized printable poster.

Check out the "End of the Oregon Trail Cavalier Chit-Chat email list.
My home page

I am very "behind schedule" for updates, so please bear with me, and check back again!

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or general dog information, health and/or veterinary sites...

Don't support the pain & misery of puppy mills.
Get your family's pet from a reputable breeder

There are some unscrupulous people trying to convince the pet-buying public that there is a TOY Cavalier.   Use extreme caution when presented any alleged "new breed"; there is no such thing as a "Toy Cavalier".   Please use caution when searching for your Cavalier friend!

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