Meet my birds!       

This is Tribble the Quaker (on the left) sitting on Kyle's shoulder, way back when she had feathers, before she was hit with that dreaded "Quaker Mutilation Syndrom". Tribble says a few words, and makes a lot of different sounds - she has the towel rack squeak down to a fine art! Cody the Quaker (on the right) is a handsome boy, and loves the sound of his own voice! He says "Hello, Cody!" over and over until someone answers him, and then of course he has to respond, lol! He says other things, but that it is his fave.

Morgan (on the left) is a Senegal Parrot, and a real sweetie. She doesn't talk, but gives a great "high four"! She came up from California, driving home with me after I'd been down there for a dog show. She enjoyed riding on the dashboard, or the edge by the side windows - boy did we get a lot of double-takes when people saw a bird sitting at the window! We don't know Jade's gender, only Jade (on the right) knows! Jade speaks a little bit, and in a cute little voice.

This is Murphy, a Meyers Parrot, sitting on Brittany's shoulder. He (she?) is Brit's bird, but lives in the bird room with the other fids. He's fond of letting us know when 9PM comes around: "night night!" and if we ignore him: "NIGHT NIGHT!" and if we still ignore him and don't turn out the lights: "NIGHT, NIGHT, NIGHT!!" !!

On the left is Grandpa and Popcorn (although she's very pale in the photo!) - she is a Pearl Cockatiel. I can't find a photo of her mate, Checkers, a Cinnamon Pearl. They've had some beautiful babies! On the right is a picture of a couple of Popcorn's & Checker's babies, aren't they pretty girls?

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