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Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
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I'd like to introduce you to my family, my hobbies, and my pets! Many of the family pages are in sad need of updating, but please do visit my pages! I am often on my computer writing things, sending email to friends or one of the email lists that I participate in, or snuggling or playing with my dogs and puppies, watching the fish in their aquariums, taking photographs (or organizing the way-too-many pictures, negatives or jpgs, and zillion photo albums), or occasionally going out on a hot date with my hubby!

Here is a quick link to see
Kyle's & Mirana's wedding photos!
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We have new puppies!
here's a quick link to the puppy page!

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(Be forewarned: there are a LOT of photographs on my pages!!)

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Boys will be boys!

Happy Halloween!

Summer has come and gone!
What kind of tan-line do you have?!?

Find the Dogs;
it's a test!

Is life going too fast?
How is your stress level?
Check it out!

* Meet my Family! *

* Mike's & Sandra's page *

In memory of Grandma

* Colin's page *

* Kyle's page *

* Brittany's page *

* Winter Ball!*

Colin graduated in 2002!

Kyle graduated in 2003!

The Traveler!!

* Meet My Cavaliers! *

meet the new puppies!

* Meet My Labradors! *

* View Dog Hip X-rays *

* Dog Dental Health *

* Meet my Fish! *

Veteran's Day thoughts

* Meet the Birds *

* Happy Independence Day! *

* ThePetGallery *

an email list to share
photographs of pets

The Oak Grove Garden Club

* Showdogs-L *

is an email showdog community!

* The PADDed Room *

an email list for ADD/H adults Parenting ADD/H children.
Looking for some seriousness?
Don't look HERE!!


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