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        Meet the DarkStar babies born January 28th!        

The puppies arrived Monday, January 28th, a few days early - early as in while I was driving home from the Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show, oops! Poor Mike, whelping puppies hadn't been on his agenda for the day!!
Yes, there are seven, and we have all four colors:
one Black & Tan boy,
one Black & Tan girl,
one Blenheim boy,
one Blenheim girl,
one Ruby boy,
one Ruby girl,
one Tricolor boy
- almost a complete set - I feel as though I should be searching for a 'missing' Tricolor girl!
Mother and babies are doing very well, and the humans are getting some sleep...
Their sire is "JoJo" (Ch. DarkStar Po'okela), and their dam is "Tater"
(yes, we are referring to them as the little spuds!)


Tater is a wonderful mother - especially considering that she is so young. She is very careful, gentle, and nurturing.


JoJo apparently decided that he needed to check out his handiwork   -   his family!   I'm not sure just what was on his mind...   Either   "They smell funny and make strange squeaking noises"   or   "Way to go me, pass out the cigars!"

Okay, finally some new pictures!     The babies are five weeks old in these photos...
JoJo absolutely loves being in with the puppies: he is very careful when he's with them, lying down and giving them kisses; and he wags non-stop when he's in the whelping box. If I won't let him in with the babies, he will hang over the edge watching them!


"okay, here's the plan,
when they turn their backs, we'll scramble over the wall!"

"Hmmm, d'ya think we should join them if they make the break?"

learning to be a comfort spaniel at a tender young age!

"Hey Dad, come in and play!"

And here are some more photos!     The babies are six weeks old in these photos...




"Some of these little furry toys are scary, I think I'll hang on to Grandma until I feel safe!"





Brittany was home from school - she said that she "needed" a fix of puppy skunk breath! Koni likes the puppies, but wasn't sure what to do with them, so she watched from the safety of the chair!

Here are some new photos!   The puppies are 10 weeks old.







We've had some warm weather recently, so puppies are about to learn
that the kiddie pool is good for more than just a giant drink receptacle!





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