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    Welcome to Peyto's page!    


DarkStar's International Incident

Peyto was sired by Ch. AgMCH Dawnaquinn Dark Star, RE, AgMXS, AgXJS, MADC, AGDC, RN, AXP, XJP, OFP and out of Gr. Ch. DarkStar Pua Manu

The story of Peyto!

Peyto's mum, Birdie, and I traveled up to Calgary, Alberta, Canada

for her to meet her betrothed, Niles

After the "honeymoon", Birdie and I traveled into the Canadian Rocky Mountains - Birdie made a few new friends..

I was spell-bound by the absolute grandeur of the Rockies: the mountains and the lakes are so breathtakingly beautiful no mere photos can do it justice! During the summer, significant amounts of glacial "rock flour" flow into the lake, and these suspended rock particles give the lake a bright, turquoise color.

The puppy I kept from that resultant litter was named Peyto because I was so taken with the beauty of Peyto Glacier, and especially Peyto Lake, in the Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. The lake and glacier were named in honor of Bill Peyto, who was a legend - living and working in the Banff and Lake Louise area from 1887 until his death in 1943. He was a famous guide and outfitter, a trapper, amateur geologist and miner, as well as one of the first national park wardens for Rocky Mountains Park (which was later named Banff Nat'l Park). The name "International Incident" seemed appropriate, as well, given that making the puppies was an international undertaking, and ... well, we won't talk about any ~ahem~ marital "incidents"!

Birdie was kind enough to have her puppies during the day, and fairly quickly!

Click HERE to see the puppy page for photos of the litter;
and click HERE for the pedigree for the litter, and, of course, for Peyto!

A handsome lad right from the start

Very inquisitive, not afraid to explore!

It was fun to show Peyto and sister Ducky in the "Brace" class. (someone had to provide the comic relief, and these two were happy to oblige!)

A Columbia River Cavalier Club fun day match;
and it was a great day for the littermates!

He loves to run...

Ducky & Peyto with "auntie" Skeet in Sequim, WA

Peyto is kinda spring loaded - he can get some serious air space between himself and the ground!

More fun and entertainment, courtesy of the wild-child-times-two!

Can you sing along to the Sesame Street song,
and can you pick out the different dog?!?

Yay, Peyto was actually well-behaved,
and won his first Best of Breed - at 8 months old!

Some naughty boy jumped onto the picnic table to grab my flipflop, then scurried off to eat it - but was busted!   Ducky might have wanted to participate, but decided to play innocent..

Oops, there's that boing thing happening again,
he's just SO HAPPY!

But he does calm down (momentarily)
to show off how handsome he is becoming..

Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Sweepstakes,
at the Cavaliers of Puget Sound Specialty show,
under breeder judge Barbara Garnett Wilson.

Participating (with a couple of friends) in the "Meet the Breed"
booth at the Clackamas Kennel Club show.
(That's Sonja on the right, soon to be the mum of his puppies!)

We returned to Arizona this spring, and especially enjoyed our time at the Cavalier national specialty - Peyto won the Open Black & Tan classes at the ACKCSC national and Central Arizona CKCSC regional specialties. Pictured with Judge Frank Kane.

The COPS specialty & Gig Harbor KC show weekend was good for Peyto: Saturday he was Winners Dog under breeder-judge John Ioia from the Bred By Exhibitor class for a 5 point major (bringing him to 13 points), and then won first in the Bred By Exhibitor Toy Group under judge John R. Wood!

We think he is developing quite a handsome head

(pictured here with my favorite photo of Great Grandma Tilly in the background)

but Peyto is still a rather goofy boy! Here he has a piece of paper on his nose: self-inflicted, since he chewed some ill-gotten gains, and then it stuck to his nose!

His first litter was born in October: he and "Sonja", Ch. Pensrick Red Sonja, had 6 beautiful puppies! We got to puppy-sit them for an overnight visit, and Peyto enjoyed his chatting with his 5 weeks old babies.

... more to come!!

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