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    Meet the new DarkStar babies!!    

Two Black & Tan boys and three Black & Tan girls arrived in the evening of November 14th!

Their sire is "Niles" - Ch Dawnaquinn Dark Star, RE, AgMXS, AgXJS, MADC, AGDC - American titles: RN, XAP, XJP, OFP

(Click on his photo to visit his webpage!)
Their dam is "Birdie"
Grand Champion DarkStar Pua Manu

(Click on her photo to visit her webpage!)

To see the puppies' pedigree click here:

Birdie is starting to nest - making a mess of the numerous dog beds in the house!

She seems to like the whelping box, and finds it pretty comfortable. (for now, anyway!)

The sonogram at 28 days shows 4 or 5 babies. When I asked the doctor what colors and genders she saw, she snorted (!), then said "Grayish, and boys or girls".. hurrumph!!

A radiograph the week prior to whelping shows a few more babies! The doctor didn't give me any better answer on colors and genders. And I'd thought it was really exceptional diagnostic equipment, silly me!

Awfully comfortable....

Awfully cute!

HelloooOOO? Are you awake?

Well, now that you are awake, let's make sure you are clean!

They have very good appetites

And rather FULL tummies!

Grandpa JoJo REALLY wants to get in to visit!
Great Grandma Tilly is biding her time - then she plans on hopping into the box and cleaning everyone!

That didn't take long - JoJo jumped into the whelping box at the first unsupervised opportunity!! He SO loves the babies, but it worries Birdie that her dad just jumps into the box without so much as a "pretty please"!!

Gee, have they grown?!?

Wow, this is tiring work!

A pile of puppies perchance a perfect pillow?

Baby thinks MUM makes the perfect pillow!

Milk moustache!

Another milk moustache!

Enjoying the goat milk snack...

lip-smacking good!

A set of book-ends?!?

Grandpa JoJo LOVES his grandpuppies - kiss, kiss!

Cute buddies


Their first non-mom dinner

They're really getting into it!

Wearing our dinner

Wooo Wooo!

Hmm it's a big world out there!

Escape is always possible; maybe with a big jump?

I will add more photos later, but had to share this riotous video!! Brittany is home for the week, following knee surgery, but was still on the floor in the kitchen playing with the puppies, you must watch - at least a few times!!

Brittany video-ing the 'attack'!

I will continue to add more photos as the babies grow!   :-)

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