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    Meet the new DarkStar babies!!    

The puppies arrived in the wee hours of Saturday, August 30th, and we have three Tricolor boys, two Black & Tan boys, and one Black & Tan girl!     Their sire is JoJo (Ch. DarkStar Po'okela), and their dam is Tater.

  Scroll down for the newer photos.  

- Look for snowbabies: it snowed on Dec. 14th!


The babies have grown a wee bit!

But they still sleep a lot

Cute little logs

They are starting to play!

We see a lot of kissing around here...

It's a bit of a love-fest...

You could let me out!

Us, too!

After-meal clean-up is important

The look of attention - before a pounce

They love to play with Dad

He puts up with a lot of use-n-abuse

After play comes nap-time...

Or maybe just resting one's head...

Tater isn't in most of these photos - she's having a difficult time weaning her babies,
she's been temporarily banished! She thinks all mums nurse their puppies 'til they go off to college)

Here is their official 7 week portrait!

(they were all so tired from playing that I couldn't keep them all upright!)

... whew, it's hard work being so photogenic ...


Logan (1) likes the snuggly puppies

<- puppies say "woo!"

it's nice to have someone lean on

they've figured out this UFO food bowl
(well, some would rather play than eat!)

let's attack auntie Phoebe!

ahhhh, a snuggle with mum

Fine, don't share your chewie, I'll play somewhere else...


Oh boy, we have SNOW!!!

It's a pack of Abominable Snowpuppies!

It took a few moments for the boys to go onto the strange cold white stuff, but once they saw Daddy and big sister Birdie in the snow, they joined in!

Birdie & Squishy - faster than a speeding.... snowball!

Grandma Tilly & Auntie Phoebe manage to
enjoy the snow without rough-housing!

Race & Tater are decidely less restrained!

Race (l) and Rattle (r) really love playing in the snow!

Finally, some new photos of the boys!

Rattle might look serious...

but he's really a fun guy!

Squishy might look goofy...
(hmm, like his father?!?)

but he's a rather handsome boy!

I know from where the name came! It's from "Finding Nemo", and it's the blue fish, Dory, talking to/about a tiny jelly fish! "I shall call him squishy. ... I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy! Come here Squishy! Come here little Squishy..." hehe!

Race is a rather social gent...

yet he has his serious side, too!

  "Race" is available - inquiries are welcome!  

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This page will continue to be under construction!   I will add more photos to the page later.   :-)

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