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    Meet the new DarkStar babies!!    

Three Black & Tan puppies: two boys, one girl were born April 22nd!
Their proud daddy is "JoJo"
Ch. DarkStar Po'okela

Their loving mum is "Hayley"
Lyrabelle Hayley

To see the puppies' pedigree click here:

<- I set up the larger puppy pen in anticipation of the babies moving around. Hayley seems to have approved of the larger area!

The puppies didn't seem to notice or care, they were too busy sleeping!

Now they're thinking that this goat milk with crunchy things floating in the bowl is not too bad; definitely worth investigation

And they seem to like the new bed and bedding in their larger living area, they're getting around pretty well on those chubby little legs!

They like the new bowl with the even chunkier stuff, and there is room for all three at the same time!

I opened the gate so I could take out the rug and sweep up the mess, but Miss Kela decided to go in for a visit, so instead of the broom, I grabbed the camera!

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